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Which cars will be subject to luxury tax?

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If the amendments to the Tax Code are adopted in the published version, owners of luxury cars less than three years old will have to pay transport tax at a 10 times increased rate. This practice is called luxury tax.

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Recalled during press conference Andrei Kovalevsky, Head of the Main Department of Taxation of Individuals of the Ministry of Taxation. According to him, such innovation will not affect more than 2 thousand cars.

Earlier, Finance Minister Yuri Seliverstov, while speaking to the delegates, had said that the list of such cars will be determined by the government.

“We proceed from the fact that these will be quite expensive cars that will cost more than 300 thousand rubles.” – You. Seliverstow said.

At the same time, Andrei Kovalevsky lifted the veil of secrecy and named several brands that will definitely be included in the upcoming list – Ferrari, Maserati and Maybach, as well as some models of Mercedes, BMW and Audi. He also said that the premium range of vehicles of some brands will be taxed at the regular rate.

Let us remind you, that according to the draft tax code, transport tax rates will be increased for all from 2024. Thus, for a passenger car with a maximum permitted weight of up to 1.5 tons, individuals will have to pay 66 rubles. Instead of 61 rubles, and 131 rubles for a car weighing more than 2 tons. Instead of 122 rubles.

We also remind you that the BAA Automobile Association proposes not to impose increased transport taxes on owners of expensive electric vehicles in order to maintain favorable conditions for the development of environmental transport in Belarus.

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