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Wuling Bingguo EV is present in Indonesia, what will happen to Air EV?

Tangerang (Antara) – Dian Asmahani, brand and marketing director of Wuling Motors, said the presence of the Bingguo EV electric car will not “consume” the Air EV market as the two market segments are separate.

“In fact, Air EV is a different market segment. If we talk about the size of the product, it is different,” Dian said in Tangerang on Thursday.

Dian said the Wuling Bingguo EV has the shape of a hatchback and its dimensions are larger than the Air EV. Wuling Bingguo EV is considered more suitable for the family car market.

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In addition, the range of the second Wuling electric car is greater than that of the Wuling Air EV.

It is known that Wuling Bingguo EV offers two distance options, namely 333km and 410km. Meanwhile, the Wuling Air EV has a range of 200km (standard range) and 300km (long range).

“(Wuling Bingguo EV) may be more suitable for families and operations if it is for multiple companies and for long-term travel,” Dian said.

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“In fact, because the Air EV is compact, it is suitable for narrow, congested Indonesian roads, it is also suitable for the Air EV and it can be an urban mobility solution,” he added.

Earlier, Wuling Motors officially introduced its latest electric car in Indonesia, Wuling Bingguo, which is available in two distance options, namely 333km and 410km.

“Today we are proud to introduce Wuling’s latest electric vehicle that will enliven the Indonesian automotive market in the near future, the Wuling Bingguo EV,” said Dian at the vehicle introduction event.

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