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Xia Lin: Hamas, success or failure | Chinese Communist Party | Human Shield | Israel

[Великая Эпоха, 15 ноября 2023 г.]The night of October 7 was dark and windy.HamasA terrorist organization suddenly launched a large-scale attack, killing and capturing people who were still celebrating the Jewish Sabbath.IsraelCivilians and soldiers have inflicted heavy losses on defenseless Israel. The Israeli government is furious and vows to raze Gaza and destroy it.HamasAll terrorists have been destroyed.

Strong words have been spoken, but mainstream Western media and even the US military are not optimistic about the possibility of capturing or destroying Hamas. why? Because everyone thinksIsraelIt’s hard to argue with Hamastypical“War 3.0”. In the past few years, the creator of authenticCommunist Party of ChinaEngineers and sappers were secretly sent to Gaza to teach Hamas how to dig step by step.typicalbuild tunnels.

A Hamas leader once boasted that their underground tunnels were 500 kilometers long and indestructible. I don’t know if it is 500 kilometers, but it is a fact that it is connected in all directions. It is said that McDonald’s can “quickly” reach visitors on the ground from neighboring countries underground.

Why did the terrorist “tunnel war” change the situation in the United States and the West in the 21st century? Therefore, let’s not talk about it from afar, let’s just say that in 2016, the US military was very embarrassed by the enemy Tunnel 2.0 in the Middle East war.

During the anti-terrorism battle against Mosul in Iraq in 2016, the US military discovered that the villages around Mosul had a very extensive system of tunnels, the longest of which stretched up to 6 miles. . These tunnels are wide enough to transport soldiers and supplies and can even be used by motorcycles. The Iraqi special forces commander said helplessly: “It’s like we are fighting two wars in two cities at the same time: one in the streets and the other in the entire underground city where the enemy is hiding.”

The advanced weapons and superior strength of the US military cannot operate effectively in deep and complex tunnels, resulting in heavy casualties.

This is why the mainstream media and the US military lack confidence when confronted with Hamas 3.0’s 500km labyrinthine tunnel. Of course, Hamas is also more unscrupulous, believing it can safely retreat after killing so many Israelis. Their tunnels are even more extensive and even lead directly into the dungeons of Israeli territory. And they copied this tooCommunist Party of Chinafrom”human shield“The tactic is to build tunnel exits and missile launch pads near hospitals, children’s playgrounds and residential buildings. Therefore, even if Israel discovers the exits from the tunnels, it will not be able to attack them, because if they are hit, civilians will be harmed.”

Hamas, like the CCP, treats ordinary people as human shields.

However, this time Hamas overestimated the CCP tunnels and underestimated Israel’s determination and wisdom to destroy them. Israel has already figured out how to deal with Tunnel 3.0. They used small robots with explosives and cameras to enter tunnels, used sponge bombs to seal tunnel entrances or ventilation shafts, illuminated tunnels with bright flashlights, used military dogs to descend tunnels to bite Hamas members, doused them with water, and detected used gas, etc. Maas uses unimaginable technologies and unique methods to destroy terrorists in the tunnels, of course, giant bombs are also waiting for Israel.

In just a week after entering the Gaza Strip, Israel destroyed 150 tunnels. Now the Hamas elements hiding in the tunnels have become turtles in a jar. It is said that even Chinese Communist Party engineers and soldiers are now trapped in the tunnels, which is causing concern for the Chinese Communist Party as they fear Israel will seize the living evidence. These Chinese Communist soldiers and engineers, sneaking here on tourist visas, can “sacrifice with honor” with Hamas. However, it is unclear whether the CCP and Hamas will call him a “martyr.”

Responsible Editor: Wen Fang

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