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Zema says RRF process as expected and talks about investment

Spoke to Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) TimeThis Saturday (11), immediately after landing in Japan. He commented on the visit to Asia, aimed at attracting investment to the state of Minas Gerais, and also on the progress of the observer state process to approve the plan to join the recovery regime.

The proposal was sent to the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais by the state government on October 16, and lawmakers have until December 20 for approval. This Saturday (11) Romeu Zema said that “the processing of the RRF is as expected”. According to him, “It is part of the role of Parliament to debate, request information and contribute to the project.”

Regarding the visit to China and now Japan, the Governor also expressed optimism. So far, an investment of R$817 million has been closed for the state of Minas Gerais. Zema left Beijing, China and arrived in Tokyo late in the morning (Brasilia time), arriving in Japan late at night. Read the interview below:

After more than a week in China, you left Beijing and arrived in Tokyo this Saturday (11). How was the trip?

After a week of agenda in Beijing, we closed the official mission with a total investment of R$817 million, which will create at least 1,275 other jobs. This account does not include SAC Motors, which was not on our agenda. But, seeing our presence in China, they asked for a meeting with us and they confirmed that their first factory in Latin America would be in Minas. Key investment attractions We have raised over half a billion from Chinese company Jing Jing to move forward on dam closures. We left Beijing this Saturday (11th). Including the journey from the hotel to the airport and all boarding and de-boarding procedures, the journey took eight hours.

What will be the first agenda this Sunday (12)? What are your expectations from this week in terms of agreements and investments?

Due to the Eastern culture of not holding work meetings on Sunday, our agenda starts on Monday. We will have meetings with Mitsui, Toshiba and other companies. Until next Friday (17th), in addition to being welcomed by the Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, we will have meetings with more than one company every day. We will definitely bring new investment.

Regarding tax collection arrangements, what are the next steps towards approving the membership?

I will return to Minas on the 18th, with the official agenda already on the 20th. I have been following the progress of the recovery arrangement during this period, and on part of the mission I was accompanied by the President of the Assembly, Tadeu Martins. Who has had an institutional attitude of great respect and consideration towards the subjects essential to Minas. I talk every day to Government Secretary Gustavo Valladares, who keeps me updated on the progress of the RRF. I am very happy to see this issue being discussed in the Assembly, which was not discussed even in the previous Assembly. I also have daily contact with the Vice-Governor, Mateus Simões, who also told me of a conversation he had with the Finance Minister, Fernando Haddad, last week, specifically to discuss improving debt negotiations with the states. It is part of Parliament’s role to debate whether the RRF’s progress is as expected, to request information and to provide contributions to the project. We have a deadline of December 20 for approval and we are working to get this approval by then.

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